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I hope being able to get Pic’s  in the UK
is as exciting for you as it is for us.

Welcome to Pic's UK online store.

For you, if you are a kiwi it will mean being able to stay away longer. And if you are a British native, you will now be able to consider taking holidays in places other than New Zealand. This is not to say that we don’t love seeing you over here (in fact we miss you terribly) but you are a vital part of our plan for world domination and the further afield you travel, the further you will be able to spread the word, and the faster our plan for world domination will be realised.

Your loyalty will not go unnoticed. For starters, once you have completed our simple ordering process, you will have the worlds most delicious peanut butter. For seconds, should you wish to give us a like on Facebook and keep an eye on the things we do, we will tip you off about the launch of our THOUSAND JAR CHRISTMAS party, wherein we will be releasing a thousand 380 g jars of Pic's to go wherever in the world you think they should go. You tell us who needs a jar, give us ten NZ dollars (about five quid) each, and we'll get them away in time for Christmas, with a nice little message that you can write. But there are only a thousand, and they'll be released early November, so mark it in your diary.

Now, on with your order ...

Good on you. pic-sig2.png